Thursday, February 20, 2003

hello agian, remember me?
well, so much has been going on at work, and i don't mean good things eather, but i'm sick of it and i'm not going to talk about it, except to say, that's where i've been practically day and nite for weeks.

well, today was kelly's birthday, she was 12. she's tom's daughter, and tom is my boyfriend. i love kelly but she irks me. she's so grown to be only 12. and she just know's that she is absolutly beautiful. she's already got to have her nails done weekly. she only wants to wear the in things, no individuality at all. has to put on make-up before going out the door and moose her hair. YUCK she's just like her mother...and sometimes, i think i'm jelious, i know i am, and it makes me mad to be that way, but i never have time to pamper myself and it's like they have all the time in the world, and when they need money, all they have to do is call Tom, but me, no, i don't even get money from Tom. although it's me he lives on, and i really mean lives on, because i end up putting gas in his car, buying all the groceries and paying the mast majority of all the bills, because he dosen't have anything left after child support and car payments. i love tom, but i once loved randy, until finances and his pleasures got the best of us, i don't want it to happen again, but and i mean a big but, a person gets tired and feed up...why do i let men do this to me? am i crazy?

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

ok, so it's been a while. well, guess why?

while i was in mexico, enjoying my vacation, reggie, the asst. manager that was hired 4 month's prior, trianed and promoted in my store for my store by me, quit....i knew it from the start, but hey, i got 2 vacations out of him in that 4 months, so it was still worth it for me, now it's back to work, day in, day out 5, 6, 7 days a week. oh well, that's the story of my life isn't it, work, work, and more work. just thought i'd share that thought.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I just wanted to say I've had very little time of my own lately for I have been working to much. I will be happy to get away this Friday to Cancun Mexico on an all expense paid trip that I won from the drawing at the company I work for. Thanks Tar Heel Capital, and if anyone would like to pay a visit to that website, it's and it's a great company to work for.

Eric's foot was ok. Martha's dad is doing a lot better.

I miss my time, and I've missed my family. I hope when I get back, all will be more normal. I have my W2 forms, now i have to get my taxes done. I do hope I get back some money, thou because of Tom not working most of 2002, I claimed 5 dependents all year long and doubt there will be any coming back to me. Take care world and remember, I'm a part of you too. :)

Saturday, January 18, 2003

Martha came by tonite, and her dad is doing better. I gather by what she is now saying that he will make it. That is good, because I know how hard it is to loose your father. My daddy passed away 4 years ago, and I still miss him very much. I really loved my daddy like most people love thier mother because he was home with us instead of mamma. Mamma worked for 10 years after Daddy retired. When i was born, my mom was 42 years old, my Daddy was 52, and only 6 days from being 53. I have 4 brothers, and 5 sisters, and a whole bunch of nieces and nephews. We are a pretty close family, although, I will say that the sisters are closer to the sisters, and the brothers are closer to the brothers, but we all get together on the holidays to celebrate, and mamma is still with us, thou not in such great shape. Mostly she just sits around and watches us, but it's always nice to know that you can still go to her. She is really a loving person, and much nicer to be around now than in her younger days. Life was hard on her then and she was a grouch most of the time. But we still loved her, even grouchy.

Work tonite was okey. I used far more hours than I should have and I didn't realise it until it was to late to cut them. I guess I was tired, and lazy from the rest of my week, because I didn't want to work hard, or under any stress, and as I always tell my trainees, if you are not working hard and stressful, you are probably using to much labor. It was good to have an easy night thou, for a change. I think labor will still be okey for the week. I hope so in any case. We only got 6 bonus points for December, and there is a slim chance of gaining anything better than that for Janurary. I need the money real bad to catch up on a lot of bills, but with sales being so soft, what chances do we have. Service has been better then normal, but it's the economy for sure. Everywhere else is suffering too.

Well, my shoulders are starting to ache, so I'm getting ready to call it a nite. I need to get some sleep so that I will feel up to packing tomorrow for the trip. Good night now and until I write here again, I hope all goes well.
Boy, what a week. Almost everyday I've pulled a shift and a half atleast. My son, Eric, 16, sprung his ankle on Thursday. I think it will be ok. The thing is thou, that he called me at work, and as usual, I was so tied up in what i was doing there, that i forgot him... I don't want to be a bad mother...u see what i mean. I love my son. Anyways, he had to call me back to refresh...."MOM", "Are you coming to pick me up?" and oh my gosh, "Yes, Eric, I will be right there, I am so so sorry." So, I went and picked him up and took him home and after getting him situated, back to work I went. And to beat all, this was my day off. I left work again this day around 2ish. came back home, bought groceries, cleaned (somewhat) my house, and cooked like 2 days of meals, cleaned back up the dishes, and back to work again...until 2am. But i was proud, all my daily acomplishments made me high and excited to face the next days inspection which was a disappointment.

Well, we passed the inspection, only lost 3 points on cleaning, which is really good. But service was not so good, but it was. The guest were happy, but the times didn't come out extreamly great. There is always an issue, some issue, that seems to be the harping point...and today's inspection, it was the grill procedures. I mean, how many ways are there to cook a hamburger correctly, and if u press the top corner or the bottom corner first what difference should it make so long as all corners are pressed, and the size, taste, and uniformness of it are all the same....well, as I know, it cannot happen this way, so that is this inspections major bumber. Grill lost like 8 points. I'm not going to let it get me down thou, my store is clean, and I have a better grill operator as the results, he'll do better next time, and I have a lot of confidance in him. I think I will have him train the others.

Well, the next few days I will be getting ready to go to Cancun. I won the trip from work, may as well take it. I do hope that Martha's father gets better so she can come back to work to help out while I'm away, but it's been kinda peaceful there even thou a lot has been going on. C ya soon. Me

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

This is just a test to see if my knowlegde is worth the space and time I am spending here. If it is and if it works I plan on coming here often to share my thoughts and secrets, and if it doesn't work, I've not lost anything anyways....right?