Thursday, February 20, 2003

hello agian, remember me?
well, so much has been going on at work, and i don't mean good things eather, but i'm sick of it and i'm not going to talk about it, except to say, that's where i've been practically day and nite for weeks.

well, today was kelly's birthday, she was 12. she's tom's daughter, and tom is my boyfriend. i love kelly but she irks me. she's so grown to be only 12. and she just know's that she is absolutly beautiful. she's already got to have her nails done weekly. she only wants to wear the in things, no individuality at all. has to put on make-up before going out the door and moose her hair. YUCK she's just like her mother...and sometimes, i think i'm jelious, i know i am, and it makes me mad to be that way, but i never have time to pamper myself and it's like they have all the time in the world, and when they need money, all they have to do is call Tom, but me, no, i don't even get money from Tom. although it's me he lives on, and i really mean lives on, because i end up putting gas in his car, buying all the groceries and paying the mast majority of all the bills, because he dosen't have anything left after child support and car payments. i love tom, but i once loved randy, until finances and his pleasures got the best of us, i don't want it to happen again, but and i mean a big but, a person gets tired and feed up...why do i let men do this to me? am i crazy?